Bulk Sample Analysis – Asbestos

  • Do not attempt to survey your own property. A large-scale survey should be carried out by a qualified professional. Refer to our About Asbestos section.
  • The Sample. If you have available a loose piece of material, place this in a plastic bag and seal it. Then place the sealed plastic bag in a second plastic bag and seal it. In other words, double bag it. Samples should be approximately 2cm2 if they consist of generic building materials to ensure accurate analysis.
  • Fill in the downloadable PDF log sheet. Bulk Sample Sheet. Enter the following details on the log sheet: in the Client box, enter your name and address; in the Site Address box, enter the address where the sample comes from (which might well be your own address); in the Location column, enter the general area from which it comes (e.g. kitchen ceiling); in the Material column, enter the type of material you believe it to be (we may alter this if we find it to be different under the microscope). Put the completed log sheet in the envelope containing the double-bagged sample.

    There is more than one sample for testing, enter a separate number for each one in the Sample Number column on the left-hand side of the log sheet, followed by the required details in the Location column and Material column, as described above.

    Please include an email address across the top of the log sheet so that we can email you a copy of your report.

  • We are happy to receive double-bagged samples with correctly completed log sheets at our office premises where our laboratory is based. However, should you wish to send us samples via other means, please ensure that the double-bagged samples are placed in another durable container, for example, a film case might be suitable for a single small sample.